The New Center for Mission Training in Hatzor The New Center for Mission Training in Hatzor The New Center for Mission Training in Hatzor Last week, the new and advanced simulator for mission training was inaugurated at the “Fighter Jet Simulator” squadron in Hatzor. A number of aerial teams will cooperate in training on the simulator in order to simulate flying in a real aerial formation and will also practice complex missions and cooperation on the ground. IAF Magazine gives you a sneak peek of the advanced and revolutionary simulator.

Shir Cohen

Much like the initial moments after a flight, the atmosphere in the halls of the “Fighter Jet Simulator” squadron becomes tense and serious after the landing of and exit from the aircraft. The aerial team personnel do not wait for the debriefing when they begin discussing the flight simulation, which imitates aerial teams flying in an aerial formation, at the new training center that opened at the Hatzor. “In other training sessions, only one team flies at a time, and so the criticism is self-criticism”, explains Sergeant Lidor Sandak, a simulator instructor at the center. “But, when it comes to mission training of several aerial teams, then the atmosphere both on the two-way radio and in the debriefing afterwards is more complex”.

Normally, joint training sessions like this are only held in the skies of Israel, where the aerial teams practice team work and complex missions. But through the new mission training center at the Elbit workshop based in the airbase in Hatzor, the aerial teams can now train for complex and realistic flights on the ground. In each of the four cockpits there is a round projection screen that demonstrates the feeling of flying above the ground and makes the training realistic and tangible. Moreover, the teams can speak with one another on the two-way radio and experience the mission almost as they would in the air.

In spite of the complexity, the young simulator instructors, who undergo the long and onerous training, teach simulation training. The instructors of the mission training center are personally chosen by the commander of the center in order to ensure their compatibility with the latest version of the simulator. “The instructors who come to us need a personality type that is a bit different, understanding that’s a bit different, and behavior that is a bit different”, explains Major L’, commander of the center. Each one of our instructors needs to know not only the plane itself, but also the missions, and that is something that takes even aerial team personnel some time to do.