The New Seat in the Air The New Seat in the Air The New Seat in the Air Some airborne helicopter mechanics just got an upgrade: a new seat for the Yasur (CH-53) Helicopter. The new seat should be more comfortable and safer than the previous seat

Mechanics flying on the Yasur won’t be falling between their seats. These days, they switch the seats they are sitting on during flight.

“To this day, the mechanics would sitting on a stool in between the pilots”, said Lieutenant Colonel Ariel, head of the department for storm helicopters of the airborne division. “The new chairs purchased from an Israeli company are crash resistant, and are already installed as dictated by the pace of the squadrons.”

The results have been noticeable to both the eye and the back.

“The folding speed is high, the chair is padded and the arm rests are much more comfortable”, said Warrant Officer Ziv, officer of the department for maintenance in the airborne division, and an airborne mechanic that was able to check the seat himself. “The previous seat caused back damage with many airborne mechanics. Now, for a change, the chances for survival of an airborne mechanic during a crash landing changed dramatically.”