The new UAV On Tuesday July 7th, a large gathering took place at the Tel-Nof base. Present at the meeting were the air force headquarter staff, representatives of the defence industries and intelligence officials. This meeting was a significant milestone in preparing for the new “Eitan” UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

Gal Goldshtein | Avrutov Nikolai



The meeting was led by the deputy commander of the base, LT. Col. Ofer, who presented the development plans of the new UAV, the largest of its kind.


Then, Lt. Col. Natan, commander of the “First UAV Squadron” discussed lessons learned since receiving the first UAVs in 2007, and the air base’s preparedness for the new air craft.

Finally, all participants divided into groups according to their specialization, and discussed the next steps in the program. The discussions focused on the technical aspect of the program, as well as the operational perspective, which considered the needs of the intelligence units who are making use of the information gathered by the UAVs.

“Today we have a cause for celebration”, said Major Ofir, an officer in charge of the “Eitan” project. “Once again, we are at a technological frontier, and are about to be the first ones to have an operational UAV of such dimensions and capabilities in service”.