The Newest Additions to Iron Dome

“We are at the forefront” The Newest Additions to Iron Dome

Over 200 new soldiers enlisted in the Aerial Defense Formation today The Newest Additions to Iron Dome

Commander of the Aerial Defense Formation speaks to a future fighter Only a week after the rapid deployment of the fifth “Iron Dome” battery during Operation Pillar of Defense, over 200 soldiers were recruited to the Aerial Defense Formation today. Half of them will be placed at Iron Dome batteries and the rest will be placed in various other defense systems–including the first battalion of “David’s Sling”

Shir Aharon Bram | Photography: Yonatan Zalk

Only a few days after operation Pillar of Defense, which clearly demonstrated the tremendous significance of the Iron Dome with over 400 interceptions of missiles and rockets. Over 100 new soldiers who have enlisted today will reinforce Iron Dome batteries. The Aerial Defense Academy will be opening yet another course soon in order to qualify them quickly and thoroughly for their missions.

“During Operation Pillar of Defense there were zero fighter errors”

“The Iron Dome became our main utilization of manpower”, said Commander of the Aerial Defense Formation, Brigadier General Shachar Shochat. “During operation Pillar of Defense, we had many successes, beyond the machine itself, mostly to do with the fighters and their abilities. There were zero mistakes made by the fighters. They proved their physical and mental strength while living in field conditions and dealing with the many responsibilities that come with their positions–knowing the dire consequences of any mistake of theirs”.

100 Additional soldiers who were recruited today will be assigned to other active defense systems of the formation, which is responsible for protecting the Israeli skies from rockets and missiles. Nowadays, the Aerial Defense Formation is in the midst of a great advancement process: Alongside the development of operation systems like the Arrow and David’s Sling, the formation continues to recruit soldiers in order to man the new systems.

Coming in 2013: First Battalion for David’s Sling

“The formation in evolving”, states Brigadier General Shachar Shochat. “Our point of view has changed; in 2013 there will already be a first battalion of the David’s Sling system, one that will protect our citizens from missiles and also from enemy aircraft”. This week, it was authorized to publish the fact that David’s Sling, developed to intercept mid-distance missiles, was able to intercept an enemy target.

More than 200 recruits will be arriving today at Aerial Defense Academy after finishing their enlistment process. At the academy, they will be trained to be fighters and receive specialization training for the different defense systems which they will be assigned to. “The formation is growing”, says Brigadier General Shochat to the future fighters, “It doesn’t matter if we’re dealing with aerial terror, short range fire, or the bigger missiles from farther countries. We operate world-renowned systems; the Hawk, Patriot and other Israeli systems are making their impact around the world just like the Iron Dome and Arrow”.