The Newest Officers of the IAF The Newest Officers of the IAF The Newest Officers of the IAF The Newest Officers of the IAF

Major General Eshel: “You are beginning a new chapter today” The court at southern Ovda Airbase hosted 129 new officers to receive their first officer ranks. “You are completing a chapter today and beginning a new one”

Yuval Tsuk

Over 100 officers joined the lines of the IAF yesterday. “The environment in which we live changes rapidly”, said Major General Eshel, Commander of the IAF, in his address, “Some of it provokes our values and even our right to exist. These days, leaders are declaring their intention to destroy us, tens of thousands of our people are shot from North as the world stands on the sidelines. Israel is fighting a daily battle, one expression of which is the aircraft that the IAF brought down several days ago”.

The officer course graduation ceremony was held at Ovda Airbse, which trains around 75% of the officers in the force and was a home to the cadets for the past few weeks. Thus, another generation of soldiers has become officers, who will now join the commanding lines of the force in a variety of occupations: electronic warfare, technical jobs, flight control, and operations, among others.

“This epitomizes the State of Israel: Men and women, from towns and cities and the kibbutz, villages, settlements, minorities, new immigrants, lone soldiers and sons and daughters of veterans”, added Major General Eshel, “You are completing a chapter today and beginning a new one: a fascinating and challenging journey. Your success will directly influence the security of the state and its citizens. Conclude missions successfully, be worthy of the people who will be under your command, set a high standard and an example to those surrounding you”.

A number of role models can be found amongst the new generation of commanders: Second Lieutenant Nerya, for example, who together with his friend Gal Oren (who is also an IDF officer) invented a system to identify and stop water leaks, an invention for which he won three awards and even the chance to represent the European Union in a competition. These days, his invention is being examined by civilian officials and is receiving international media attention”.