The Palmah’s first pilot course

Palmah Flight Section pilots The Palmah’s first pilot course opens in Ramleh

In December of 1943, four of the graduates of the gliding course the Palmah had held in Kfar Hayladim (‘The Children’s Village’) began Aviron’s motorized pilot course. It was the first pilot course held by the Palmah elite force. The course was given at the British Air Force Base at Ramleh, with the participants staying at kibbutz Na’an. The instructors were Imanuel Tzukerberg (Tzur) and Ernest Rapoport. The course was intended to qualify the graduates for a Class A pilot’s license, which gave its owner the right to fly a private single engine plane.

At the end of the course, which included 20 to 25 flight hours, the cadets were tested in takeoff, landing, and emergency landing. Most of the training was done on an RWD-8 – an open cockpit twin seat trainer of Polish manufacture. The four graduates received a Class A private pilot’s license from the Mandatory Government’s Department of Civilian Aviation.