The President of Israel celebrates 90 The President of Israel celebrates 90 The President of Israel celebrates 90 The President of Israel celebrates 90 The President of Israel celebrates 90 The President of Israel, Shimon Peres is celebrating his 90th birthday. In a special interview with the IAF Magazine, Peres elaborates on his unique relations with the IAF. “The IAF demands the highest standards and so the level of quality is so high. I’m very proud of the IAF”

IAF Magazine

The birthday celebrations planned for the President of Israel, Shimon Peres will occur all around the country and will reach a whole other level at the presidential conference in Jerusalem. Many important leaders from around the world are making their way to Israel in order to participate in the festive event for Israel’s most appreciated president.
President Peres’s journey passed through the Ministry of Defense and the Prime Minister’s Office and also crossed paths with the IAF. During the 90 years of his life, president Peres observed a small air force become the powerful military branch it is today. “I remember the arrival of the first airplanes from France. It was only a few years after the Israeli Independence War, where our opponents had very large and equipped air force, and we only had a small amount of old airplanes. The arrival of airplanes from France symbolized the beginning of the establishment of the IAF’s great power”, he said to the IAF Magazine a few years back. “I also remember the first Israeli manufactured airplane. But aside from a few events, I’m always very proud of the IAF”.

The president has been sitting in the Knesset for 48 years-more than any other MK- ever since he was elected to the Knesset under the auspices of the political party, Mapai, in 1959. Throughout the years, the president worked on the military independence of the State of Israel, was among the founders of the Nuclear Research Center in Dimona and the Israel Aerospace Industries, and was especially interested in the spaceflight of the first Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon. “The late Ilan Ramon was a pioneer. Not just because he was the first, but also because he had a pioneering nature, and unfortunately, all pioneers take risks. We have lost a great person and an outstanding pilot who exposed other worlds”, he said.
Besides his commitment to uncompromising defense, president Peres was impressed by the commitment of IAF in the development of technology. “IAF represents the height of technology. The demands of the force are the highest and, as such, the standards are the highest. I hope that IAF will preserve our high level of human capital and the pioneering spirit and simultaneously do the important jobs on the ground, namely, development of the Negev, integration of women and ultra-orthodox Jews, youth care, and excellence.