The rocket hunters “Barak” (F-16) jets of the “Scorpion” squadron destroyed numerous Hezbollah destinations in Lebanon.

Elazar Ben-Lulu

A barrage of “Katyusha” rockets was fired at northern Israel on Sunday, with rockets reaching as far south as Haifa Bay. Air force jets target rocket launch pads in addition to storage facilities and other terrorist infrastructure.

On Sunday, a formation of “Barak” jets went on a sortie in Lebanon, to destroy a storage facility. “Before reaching our destination, we spotted a “Katyusha” launch pad launching rockets”, tells Major (in reserve) A. “We responded immediately, destroying the launch pad before proceeding to our original destination”.

Both targets were destroyed with high precision. “It doesn’t get any more real than that – destroying a lunch pad that just released rockets towards Haifa”, concludes Major A. “I really hope we will gradually reduce this barrage of rockets to zero”.