The suspects planned to use powerful trunk that could cause harm to innocents, an attempted assassination two weeks pshalpni in the town of Kiryat Gat in conflict between criminal organizations Minutes before being hit by a powerful IED surged two detectives suspected that response began to flee while casting the tread. After a few hours, were suspects in a safe house and arrested for investigation.

During the month of October this year has been a blast bomb in the car in one of the streets of Kiryat Gat. The police assessment that the revenge between involved will in the future. During the operation of the central unit of police in recent weeks that there is organizing and collecting intelligence from the criminal elements linked to assassination attempt case. During the action the police detectives spotted two suspects in a stolen car before and that the two engaged in surveillance and other observations and suspected planned adversaries was born.

When you try to perform the custody of the vehicle with the two suspects, they began to flee while they break the police block cars from nearby Asia and wildly in an attempt to escape detectives. When imltotam, a car bomb and a grenade. Load testing by a police explosives expert revealed that the cargo be alert and ready to run. If he runs and casualties may be bystanders innocent people and vehicles.

Later the suspects abandoned the vehicle detected by the detectives in each unit. Operative activities performed, rapid’s apartment found two suspects in Beersheba, the two were arrested and taken for questioning. The Prosecutor’s statement was filed against two suspects in the coming days be served against an indictment in court by Attorney General’s Office.

“It’s another achievement which joins the line of prevention of criminal attacks in the South,” said the Commander of the Southern District, Yoram levy. “Activism and focused prevented harm to human life.”

Translated from Hebrew