The first agreement between Israel and the European Space Agency signed during the sixth space conference

An agreement for cooperation, the first of its kind, was signed between Israel and the European Space Agency.
The signing ceremony was held at the sixth space conference in memory of Ilan Ramon at the Fisher Institute.
Under the agreement, the future will see an exchange of Israeli and European scientists and engineers, thusly extending research cooperation in the fields of astrophysics, space engineering, satellites, space biology and medicine.

“The agreement constitutes international recognition of Israel’s standing in the field of space”, said Israel’s science minister, Rabbi and Professor Daniel Hershkowitz during the signing ceremony. “This is in actuality the special recognition of our human capital; that the Ramon family serves as an example and a symbol”.
As with every year, NASA and American Military representatives attended the conference.
Lt. Gen. Susan Helms, United States commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Space, spoke to attendees about the growing density of satellites in space near earth, and about the strategic aspects of this phenomenon.

As part of the conference, The Ramon foundation, under the chairmanship of Rona Ramon, launched a new scholarship contest that will run a prestigious ten week program at the NASA base in California.
“The scholarship is designated for someone who will successfully raise an applicable technological idea that can have an affect on one million Israelis within five years”, announced Ramon. “We hope to promote through this the state of Israeli society”.