Toward safer sky

“Iron Dome” Battery An additional “Iron Dome” battery was declared operational, moments before the beginning of the new school year. “Preparedness is the subject that is most worrying to us right now”, says Commander of the Battery, Captain Omri Muset, in an exclusive interview with the IAF website

Michal Weissbrod

Another step forward for the “Iron Dome”: A third battery was made operational and is expected to increase the aerial defense capabilities of the IAF. The new battery, which will be placed in the Aerial Defense School during peace time, will be an instructional battery in which new “Iron Dome” fighters and technicians will be trained.

“Another task is to lend support to the other batteries”, explained Commander of the Battery, Captain Omri Muset. “And on the day that we’re instructed to carry out an operational mission, we’ll defend where necessary. Right now, that day seems nearby and that’s why our preparation is aimed toward deployment”.

As a result of the escalation in south Israel in the past month, preparations at the battery were increased and they focused not solely on instructional tasks but on interception as well.

“The process of establishing the battery was shortened and accelerated and we’re focusing all our energy on creating another defensive zone”, accentuates Captain Omri. “Preparedness is the subject that is most worrying us right now”.

The battery’s preparation period in which officers and soldiers from the entire Aerial Defense Force were in attendance, lasted for many weeks. “We had to build a framework, these are tens of people that don’t even know one another and now we want them to carry out an operational mission together”.

For Captain Omri, who served beforehand as Commander of a Patriot Battery, founding the new battery and transferring from the world of antiaircraft activity to a world of active defense are outstanding experiences. “Personally, the gratification is immense”, says Muset. “Commanding and controlling are more challenging because you’re responsible for several sites and the number of people is almost double that of the Patriot Battery, of which I was commander. Operationally, both missions are important, but it’s a great privilege to witness the protection of citizens through my own eyes, every day”.