Tower with Wings

“For us it’s simply a matter of increasing infrastructure, but for them it’s a true contribution”. The control tower Tower with Wings

“Gliders” preparing for takeoff Tower with Wings

The control tower in “Hatzerim” Airbase, available for the use of the teens once a week A Special project is taking place In “Hatzerim” Airbase, aimed to provide at-risk adolescents with values through flight and working on planes. “International Volunteer Day”

Shay Rosenfeld and Yuval Tsuk

Project “Wings” is a civilian one, its purpose to allow at-risk teens with the chance to fly gliders and take care of planes. That way it provides them with values, knowledge, sense of responsibility and even raises their motivation to serve in the IDF and in the IAF in particular.

“The project really gives teens a way of life and also brings them closer to us, to the IAF”, says Second Lieutenant Vissam Kara, a flight supervisor at “Hatzerim” Airbase.

The cooperation between the project and the IAF began a year and a half ago, when leaders of the project requested the assistance of the control tower in using a field nestled in the tower’s zone.

The Tower commanders, of course, agreed and since then, every Wednesday the skies of said field are cleared of aircrafts and only the project’s teens are allowed there.

“For us it’s simply a matter of increasing infrastructure, but for them it’s a true contribution”, says First Sergeant Yair Gilboa, a flight supervisor at the tower. “Soon we’re also planning on visiting the children during the activity”, adds Second Lieutenant Kara.

Everyone at the tower is very proud of their contribution to the project, thus continuing to contribute beyond the expected. The supervisors tend to volunteer in additional places around the area and are trying to implement their doings at other airbases.

“It’s fun to contribute and we love giving back, especially when it constitutes something we do anyhow and can give as much as possible through it”, says First Sergeant Gilboa. “It’s part of the values of the tower. For me and for other soldiers it’s a leading value in life as well.
Some of the soldiers here came with these tendencies from home and from youth movements and I’m sure that some will take this with them after they complete their service as well”, adds Second Lieutenant Kara.