Twenty Four Hours

Captain Ram huddled with the fighters in the helicopter’s underbelly (Illustrative Photo) Twenty Four Hours

“The best way to get to know things is through the legs” (Illustrative Photo) Twenty Four Hours

Abandoned the cockpit and joined the ground forces (Illustrative Photo) Captain Ram, a helicopter pilot and cooperation unit officer, is responsible for aerial security in the Judea and Samaria area. This week, he joined the fighters on ground

Yuval Tsuk

Captain Ram is quite familiar with the overall security activity in Judea and Samaria. As an officer in the Unit for Ground and Aerial Cooperation, he is responsible for planning operations that fly forces within the area, an activity whose main purpose is to prevent terrorist activity.

“As a part of my role as a planner, I have day-to-day tangency with the ground forces that I work with, but I am only familiar with a particular side of the system”, said Captain Ram. This week, he decided to experience the cooperation from a little closer up, and embarked on operation activity with a ground division near the Jordanian border. “Even as a helicopter pilot, I don’t know them enough. I join the force, fly it from one point to another, land it somewhere and return to the base. It was important to me to see for once what this kind of activity looks like from the ground “.

Getting to Know through Your Feet. Running

Ram was surprised to witness the many preparations of the force before it embarks on operational activity. Only after running for kilometers, equipment on their backs, did they arrive at the Blackhawk. Ram entered his familiar plane, but for a change sat down in the underbelly of the plane, alongside the fighters. “It’s a very different world”, he describes. “Until you’re not there and see it with your own eyes, you can’t really understand what it looks like”.

The next exercise that Ram will prepare for will be planned knowing that for every drop of ink that he writes with, a gallon of sweat is spilt out in the fields. “Now I have many more tools to plan an operation”, he says. “I’ve filled my knowledge gaps and know what the activity out in the fields actually looks like. I have the full picture”, he says confidently. “To look people in the eye has an entirely different effect than deciding things over the phone. In my eyes, the best way to get to know what we do is through our feet”.