Two F-15 jets were deployed to escort the Lockheed TriStar royal jet of Hussein, the King of Jordan on his first historical flight over Israel. The King himself flew the plane on his way from Britain to Jordan.

At 16:00, the F-15 jets took off. The escort formation, named “Fox of Peace”, was planned to receive the royal aircraft immediately upon entering Israeli air space.

“His Majesty the King: the Israeli Air Force is privileged to have the right to escort you on behalf of the government and the people of Israel, on your first flight over Israel”, welcomed Brig. Gen. E’.

The King replied: “Fox of Peace leader, this is Royal Jordanian 001, Hussein speaking. Thank you for your warm welcoming. I wish the people of Israel all the best, and success in achieving regional peace. Thank you and welcome”.

The two F-15s joined formation with the royal aircraft, maintaining a steady distance of 10-20 meters between each other. Flying at 5,000 feet, the formation lowered to 1,000 feet above Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, in order to allow the king to view the two cities.

Flying over Tel-Aviv, the King said a few words in the radio to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin: “flying over Tel-Aviv for the first time in 46 years, this is another moment of success in our joint effort to maintain good-neighbour relations. I thank god and you for our joint success to serve the purpose of peace for generations to come, for our relations based on mutual appreciation and cooperation between our states and people, for the Israeli-Arab peace we strived for”.

The escort mission ended with the international greeting “Tally Ho” and a “Salam Alaikum” blessing. The King replied: “Salam Alaikum, Shalom”, in Hebrew.