UAV Class

“The UAV School is an institution that is capable of training at a highly professional level” An operational training course, new UAV trailers and training representatives from foreign armies: the IAF UAV School is becoming a world leader in UAV operator training

Nadav Berger

In June, dozens of UAV operators officially joined the UAV Division as they received their UAV Operator pins during their graduation. The UAV operators from the “Hermes 450” Division will be the first ones to continue their operational training course at the UAV School and not in the squadrons.
“The UAV School is an institution that is capable of training at a highly professional level”, says Lieutenant Colonel Daniel, commander of the school. “In our opinion, training is a real profession and we are looking to host the division’s advanced training and not just the basic training”.

The squadrons of the division need an increasing amount of intensive operational activity and moving the operational training course to the UAV School will allow them to devote much more time and resources to these missions.

The new operators have not had much time for routine work: all of them took a significant part in Operation “Protective Edge” in the skies above the Gaza strip.

“Source of great pride”

As part of the change, the UAV operator’s course was shortened to six months and the school will acquire two new UAV trailers in the coming months that will allow more independence; until now, the school has used the UAV trailers of the UAV squadrons at Palmachim airbase.

Furthermore, over the past year, the school has begun training representatives from foreign armies and at the moment, a number of new courses are being planned for the future. “Training foreigners is a developing field at the school and will expand in the coming years”, adds Lieutenant Colonel Daniel. “It is a source of great pride for us that there is someone crossing the ocean to learn from the IAF, which is a world leader in the field of UAVs and UAV operator training”.