Nine suspects have been arrested and detained for questioning on suspicion of providing gas to an authorized and allowed shipments securely hidden operating sochenbtom first, prolonged and consists of an agent in providing gas, raided this morning (Monday) combined forces about six gas companies ‘ sites, searched and arrested and detained nine suspects for questioning on suspicion of providing gas to an authorized and allowed the illegally mined and dangerous.

Under the combined effect of the occupation authorities careless and dangerous gas and haollia, the police agent, who collected evidence that reinforced the suspicion that allowed companies to deal with gas, gas supply to unauthorized sources, gas storage and shipments are made in a manner which constitutes a danger to the public. Due to the fact that gas canisters, some even have not been careful quality control and may constitute per se a danger negligently, loaded on vehicles that do not meet the conditions set by law and fully shonaim which is a danger to the users and the public.

This morning, after an undercover investigation, conducted an operation in which police forces and other bodies on gas complexes and homes of nine suspects, and administrators. The troops seized assets and accounts for forfeiture request.

Within the integrated law enforcement led by the Tel Aviv District Attorney (civil) and fuel and gas at the Ministry of national infrastructures, energy and water, which accompanied the undercover investigation, criminal proceedings shall be administrative enforcement in gas exported closing orders and administrative procedure will begin denying poor rishionn of human life and violate the law. Further submissions from previous applicants not more.

The investigation is the national unit for combating economic crime (יאל”כ) 433 annex blade and intelligence investigations in conjunction with IRS investigators from the tax authorities, the Enforcement Division Manager petrol and gas of the Ministry of national infrastructures, energy and water and the Tel Aviv District Attorney (civil). During operation the integrated law enforcement forces also operated out of 433 blade units, the coral and fighters from Israel Police districts, the Green environmental protection Office, IEC and the national firefighting and rescue.

According to the investigation, who imported the suspects of a request to extend their detention in a court in Rishon Lezion.

Before heading out for the night, held a ceremony in which the undercover officer certificate and spy recruitment to police.

The country sees great importance in treating criminal activity using an integrated law enforcement in order to prevent this task and to uproot it from the root, of criminal law enforcement on the one hand and the other hand criminals pockets. Exposure and night join Gospel exposures, activities and charges within the intent of the police and all the authorities engagements careless and dangerous gas and haollia.

Translated from Hebrew