Six arrested after suspicion that robbed money and property from teenagers and threatened them. Covert investigation nmshchtbtom investigation arrested six teenagers, residents of Maaleh Adumim, on suspicion that they used to attack teenagers, to rob them of money and property while threats with a knife, brass knuckles, tear gas and violence. The money robbed bought clothing, alcohol and drugs.

The investigation opened by the SJ district following intelligence information, and the researchers found that many teens are afraid to go out on the town for fear of gang members Rob them or attack them. After a preliminary investigation was extended the detention of three suspects who India of involvement in the attacks and robberies in recent weeks.

Head of youth section-exposure in SJ district police said: “we are at the beginning of overt investigation of robberies and assaults phenomenon of minors
The city of Maale Adumim. Minors imposed terror upon other minors at knifepoint tear gas and brass knuckles and robbed money and property.
Israel Police will do anything in order to get her hands on them. The cooperation
The victims is very important. “

Translated from Hebrew