A Person named Hussein Khatib Masquerading as a Physician and Selling Counterfeit Medicines ​Following information received by the Division of Enforcement and Inspection in the Ministry of Health, it has been determined that Hussein Khatib is not a physician, but he nevertheless depicts himself as a physician.   Hussein Khatib sold counterfeit medicines to treat male impotence. The use of these medicines could constitute a danger to public health.
A complaint was lodged with the police on this matter, following which a search of a “clinic” in Kafar Yafi was conducted by the Fraud Unit of Northern District Police, with the participation of the Division of Enforcement and Inspection. During the search, counterfeit medicines and various documents were seized. The suspect was detained for questioning at the Fraud Unit, was questioned, and confessed.
The Ministry repeats its warning to the public against receiving medical treatment from treatment providers who are not qualified to do so.
  Only a physician with a license from the Ministry of Health and who appears in the list of licensed physicians is permitted to practice medicine.
  The details of physicians licensed to practice medicine in Israel can be checked at the website of the Ministry of Health.