Watch: 5 of the Scariest Moments from the 2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict

Can you picture a scenario in which terrorists could unexpectedly pop out of a tunnel in your backyard? It’s terrifying.

Last summer, during the Israel-Gaza conflict, the people of Israel were subject to this intolerable threat when Hamas infiltrated Israel 6 times in 20 days. This is a collection of some of those moments caught on camera.

1. Kibbutz Nahal Oz Infiltration

July 28 – A group of Hamas terrorists emerged from a tunnel near Nahal Oz. They reached an IDF (Zahal) outpost, where they killed five IDF (Zahal) soldiers and attempted to kidnap one of their bodies. One terrorist was neutralized and the others escaped. The group recorded its attack.

2. Zikim Beach Infiltration

July 8 – Five scuba diving terrorists armed with rifles, RPGs, grenades and explosives emerged from the sea near Zikim. IDF (Zahal) observers spotted them on camera and all 5 terrorists were neutralized.

3. Kibbutz Sufa Infiltration

July 17 – Thirteen Hamas terrorists emerged from a tunnel, planning to attack the Israeli community of Sufa. The tunnel was destroyed, and the terrorists in it were neutralized.

4. Kibbutz Nir Am Infiltration

July 21 – A group of Hamas terrorists emerged from a tunnel near Kibbutz Nir Am and killed four IDF (Zahal) soldiers with an anti-tank missile. At least 10 terrorists were killed and the rest escaped through the tunnel. This footage, taken after the attack, shows that the terrorists were wearing full IDF (Zahal) uniforms, including boots and vests, and had explosives strapped to their bodies.

5. Erez Crossing Infiltration

July 21 – Five Hamas terrorists emerged from a tunnel near the Israeli city of Sderot. The IDF (Zahal) engaged the terrorists as they were hiding in bushes. When they attempted to return to the tunnel, they were neutralized.