“We keep our eyes open” “We keep our eyes open” “We keep our eyes open” “We keep our eyes open” The military activity in the Northern Israeli border region has been increasing for the past few weeks, as a UAV that infiltrated Israel was intercepted. The Syrian civil war which started in 2011 is expending towards Israel, consequently increasing the number of fighter jets take offs at the northern Ramat-David Airbase

Noa Fenigstein

The Northern Israel border area has almost always been complex and challenging, but in past few years, due to internal changes in neighboring northern countries and particularly the civil war in Syria, the fear of escalation rises and the IAF is ready for any possible change of the area.
This preparedness proves itself when a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that infiltrated Israel from the north was intercepted by the “MIM-104 Patriot” air defence system.

“The ‘Patriot’ batteries are active and will remain active around the clock”, said Colonel Chemi, Commander of “Sky Protection” Wing, to the IAF Magazine, about a month ago.
Long before the interception, the UAV appeared as a target on the Aerial Image System screen of the Northern Control Unit.
“We detected an approaching target from Syrian territory. We immediately classified it as suspicious one and ran several examinations. When we determined it as a hostile target, we updated the control room and continued to gather more data”, Explains Lieutenant Chezi, the Weapon Officer at the event.

Interceptors jets and Combat helicopters were dispatched towards the target and finally it was decided that the available SAM (Surface Air Missile) battery would perform the interception.
“We define the event as successful – We quickly detected the target, decided it’s a certain threat and intercepted it. We know we can always get better and we are preparing for future events”.

Besides the “Patriot” and “Iron Dome” batteries dispatched in the Northern border area, the Ramat-David Airbase, the only airbase north of Tel-Aviv, provides the main defense for Israel’s northern skies.
“The dynamism of the enemy binds the IAF to tighten the grip on the area. The instability at the other side of the border directly affects us”, explains Major Tomer, Deputy Commander of the Flight Squadron at the Airbase. “There is an ongoing fighting at our borders. Our job is to maintain aerial supremacy in the north at all times”.