תאריך: 16/04/15
מחבר: רותם קליגר, אתר צה”ל

“My grandmother stealing bread?” asks one of the buildings that rose and inbom night Yom Hashoah. “Amal,-ate, and was starved,” she replies softly. The generation has experienced firsthand the horrors is waning. The buildings and grandchildren already find it difficult to understand, but and inbom, 90, continues to tell clearly and to preserve her memory.

“We won thanks to the wind, her brother survived, we survived.”

In 1941 broke away and fled from the village in Poland together with the cousins. Father afraid Germans will seek the same Communists who represented Greece at the school where she studied in high school. Thus, without knowing, he actually saved her life. The meager equipment packed, wrapped in a pillowcase. They had no case. For days and nights she went with her uncles until you cross the border into Russia. They stopped there to rest in a House that hosted them. The next morning a train her months left.

“Mom wouldn’t even tell me. She was sick and I didn’t want to get too excited, “explains and inbom. She stops her moment to laugh, maybe that’s the way to deal with the downside. “Who knew at all it would be goodbye for life? I thought I was back in a day or two. ”

The picture of her mother she had measured only at the end of the war. She holds her hands and remembered. “For years I haven’t been able to contact the parents. Only in 1945 spoke with someone from the village. He didn’t want to tell me they died. He said they have not yet returned, she recovers. “God did not know, but apparently there is someone looking out for me,” she adds.

Shoshana’s granddaughter and inbom, head of weapons for the Navy, Colonel Moti, embracing her and serves her. “Grandma, is a recognition that the army because we have for generations in this country,” he explained. “And you know who sign down here, it’s me,” he says.

As part of the “flower” to soldiers and officers give recognitions to Holocaust survivors throughout the country. At and inbom in hanania, gathered for the occasion, his wife and granddaughter daughters in an attempt to relieve her on this day. “I had a hard time but I passed them. Now I ask the grandchildren and great grandchildren who keep our country, “she stressed. Colonel Payne nods and adds “you remember what I promised you? No matter what happens, we’re going to be here. “

Translated from Navy website