Two suspects were arrested after they detected a rifle, grenades, pipe bombs and ammunition. “Prohibited from harming innocent of Israel fighting against serious crime and terrorism, was carried out this morning (Monday), targeted search to locate weapons in two locations in the East of the city.
In the courtyard of the House in Ras al Amud spotted the police weapons wrapped in plastic bags and buried in the ground in the yard. Captured instead six pipe bombs, two grenades,
Carl Gustav rifle, and ammunition cartridges.
Landlord arrested.

At the same time searched for selling falafel stand on Sultan Suleiman Street. Within the stand catch
The policemen, two pipe bombs and ammunition cartridges.
Stand owner, resident of Wadi Joz, was detained for questioning.
The weapons were tested by terrorist and taken away. The troops continue to scan with an emphasis on scene in Ras al Amud.

Jerusalem District Commander, praised the appointment, saying that “intelligence and investigative activity.
Professional operational side of border space, and יס״מ led to locating and catching
The weapons, which would be used for terrorist activities or criminal activity. It prevents innocent injury
And the security forces.

Translated from Hebrew