Weather Changes: The IAF prepares for winter Weather Changes: The IAF prepares for winter Weather Changes: The IAF prepares for winter Weather Changes: The IAF prepares for winter Although were in the midst of the sizzling summer, the IAF is planning ahead and is preparing for winter: In the next few months all IAF pilots will go through a series of exams that will test their skills in flying during challenging weather changes

IAF Magazine

The weather is hot and moist. These are the hottest months of the year, but the instructor squadron is already measuring cloudiness and training the pilots for winter flights. First Lieutenant Einav, a simulator instruction officer explains that the circumstances are different when it comes to aviating in winter times and sometime you have to rely on machines. “This flight isn’t a standard flight and requires experience and special training”, says First Lieutenant Einav. “In preparation for the upcoming winter were conducting different exams around the formation. They include two or three takeoffs without a vision of the view in order to fully simulate how things feel like out in the field. During the simulated takeoffs we also go over the emergency procedures”.

Feels like the Real Deal
The IAF is determined to qualify all pilots until mid October for winter operations. Earlier this week, Commander of the IAF arrived to take part in the winter exams. During his simulated flight, after taking off the left engine turned off and other challenges appeared. Commander of the Force and Major Eyal, a reserve duty navigator and a math teacher in his civilian life took off together as the technical issues kept on spicing up the “blind” flight up in the clouds.

After landing they were both called to a debriefing at First Lieutenant Einav’s office. After talking about every single part of the takeoff and the team’s operational manner, they concluded the flight and passed the test. “Training in a simulator is a very important and crucial part of aviating”, said Commander of the Force. “As technology advances it allows better training and a more realistic feel to the simulated scenario. In terms of safety it’s our best option”.

Simulators: Not just in the aviation world
Most of the IAF’s formations train on simulators in Israel except for the Combat Helicopter formation, AS-565 helicopters and some of the cargo formation that train on simulators abroad. “Our goal is to have simulators for all formation here in Israel, but right now, we have to make sure that all pilots are properly trained”, said Commander of the IAF.