Winner of IDF Photo Comp.: Desert Blackhawk

“I love to permeate the moment” Winner of IDF Photo Comp.: Desert Blackhawk

He joined a series of practices, flights and exercises Winner of IDF Photo Comp.: Desert Blackhawk

The competition’s winner is Carmel Horowitz, who served as photographer for the IAF Magazine Staff Sergeant (Res.) Carmel Horowitz, photographer of the IAF Magazine, has captured countless special IAF moments. One of them is an IDF competition winner

Michal Weissbrod

Every year, dozens of photographs participate in the “IDF and Environment” photography competition, which attempts to represent environmental issues as seen from the unique perspective of soldier-photographers. This year, the first place went to a picture of a Blackhawk above the desert sands.
The soldier behind the camera is Staff Sergeant (Res.) Carmel Horowitz, who in the past three years captured hundreds of IAF moments: combat planes taking off, flight controllers in the towers, technicians running in the rain, 669 fighters dangling from a helicopter. “I love permeating the moment”, he says, “documenting the people and the unique things they do, and passing it forward. With photography, you can make memories more tangible. That’s why it’s always good to have a camera in your pocket”.

As an IAF Magazine photographer, Carmel walked around with a camera to his neck quite often. Among the moments he has been able to capture on camera are the landing of abducted soldier Gilad Shalit at Tel-Nof Airbase, a joint practice of Israeli and Italian combat planes and, of course, the traditional hat toss of graduating pilot cadets. “I loved experiencing every place I took pictures at, feeling the atmosphere everywhere”, he says. “Being in a briefing with pilots, running in the fields. Planes also never bored me. Although you cannot see the massive noise they create when you’re close by, I tried to bring across their power in my pictures”.

The winning photo in the “IDF and Environment in the Camera’s Eye” Competition:

Winner of IDF Photo Comp.: Desert Blackhawk

The winning picture was taken by Carmel at Tze’elim, in an exercise of ground forces together with pilots and representatives of the IAF. “It was a helicopter that came to practice rescuing injured soldiers”, he remembers. Barely anything could be seen from between the dust clouds, but then came the perfect photo opportunity: “The ground forces ran toward the Blackhawk. Everything filled up with sand, and suddenly the helicopter rose up from it, revealing itself clearly”.