Winter Is Already Here: The IAF Prepares Winter Is Already Here: The IAF Prepares Winter Is Already Here: The IAF Prepares This year, although it has yet to begin officially, winter seems to be proudly announcing its arrival. With the coming of the winter storms, the IAF must make changes. To this end, the Meteorological Center operates to give accurate weather forecasts. The forecast for the rest of the week: wintery activity

Shir Aharon Bram

This past weekend, residents of the State of Israel were informed of the coming of winter in the form of thunder and lightning, and in response they pulled out their umbrellas and coats. Even the IAF has had to prepare accordingly for the stormy season, and continue its daily routine activities in their air and on the ground.

On stormy days like these, all eyes turn to the Forecasting and Meteorology Unit of the force. The unit is located in the operational headquarters of the IAF, and for good reason: it is a participant in all of the force’s activities, big and small, and provides the security forces with weather forecasts. “Nature is a system that strives for balance, and it has fixed data, some of which we know, and some of which we do not know. Using what we know, we can get a forecast that is close the reality, but because we don’t know everything, it is impossible to get to 100% accuracy”, explains Lieutenant Colonel Eran Beja, Commander of the Forecasting Unit of the IAF. “We use data that come from forecasting stations all over the country and from satellites. Using predetermined data, it’s possible to predict what weather to expect over the next week”.

The forecasters are soldiers performing mandatory military service and career officers, who all work around the clock to provide forecasts that are as accurate as possible on the status of fog, the temperature, haze, wind, rain and other precipitation at any given moment and in any place where the IAF operates. “The IAF works in any climate. All it takes is preparation and that’s why we’re here. The IAF knows how to create the conditions for flight in any situation, and the job of the forecaster is to delivery the most accurate forecast in order to allow the force to maximize its capabilities.”