Wonder Boy: The 11 Years Old IAF Magazine Subscriber

Meet Itai Tzucker: Just 11 years old and is already considered one of the youngest subscribers to the IAF Magazine. Him and his mother, Hila, share how it all began and what the magazine awards Itai who fell in love with aircraft

Eliyah Levitan | Translated by: Ofri Aharon

Itai Tzucker, a boy in the 5th grade from Kibbutz Meirav, has very little free time this month. He is busy with “Bnei Akiva” youth leadership program, karate lessons and helping his father with their pomegranate orchard. Even with all these activities, when the “IAF Magazine”, to which he has subscribed to for two years, arrived to his home in the beginning of the month, he found the time to sit down and read half of the articles. He intends to dedicate time every day from his busy schedule in order to read the rest of the articles.
As one of the youngest subscribers to the IAF Magazine in Israel, he doesn’t miss a single article, picture or story the magazine offers.
“First I skim through the magazine”, Itai explained. “I go over everything, see what articles are offered and if I see an article that especially interests me, I sit and read it at that moment”.
“And by the end he reads the entire magazine”, Hila, his mother, added with a smile. “Sometimes he shares them with us. He will come up to me with an article and plead: ‘Mom you have to read this, it’s so interesting!”‘.

A special gift
“Itai started taking a lot of interest in the Pilots course and asked me to find some information about it online”, Hila tells. “We tried to find old IAF Magazines through friends and my parents and when we did not succeed, we thought of subscribing Itai to the magazine”.
On the Jewish New Year, Itai’s grandmother, Dina, decided to give him a gift that would continue throughout the entire year and subscribe him to the IAF Magazine. “Every month, on the day the magazine is supposed to arrive, Itai checks the mail”, Hila explained. For his last birthday, Itai asked his parents to continue his yearly subscription to the magazine so he would continue to receive them for another year.
“It astounds me that he is so capable of reading such informative and intensive articles and sit to read the magazine from start to finish in one sitting”, she shared in amazement. “At the end of the day, we are talking about a boy that is looking for the real information and the magazine offers him just that. I feel as if he really absorbs so much information and learns many new things”.

I want to be a pilot
“Before I started reading the magazine, I was interested in the IAF, but today I know so much more about it than ever before”, Itai explained. “I have learned about aircraft, exercises and trainings that are conducted in Israel and around the world”.
When he grows up, Itai believes that he will serve in the IAF. “I want to be a pilot. I am very interested in advanced aircraft and in the advanced divisions of the IAF”. Whether or not he’ll be a pilot, there is no doubt that he already knows how to recite all the combat aircraft, talks about IAF’s new “Hercules” with ease and knows how to explain to his mother that the “M-346” is not a combat aircraft, rather a trainer aircraft.
When he asked to renew his subscription, Itai sent a letter to the IAF magazine offices to thank them for the past year and added that he is interested in continuing his membership for yet another year.