Working together Working together The Air Force is currently examining the possibility of establishing a “cooperation school” with the goal of improving the cooperative activities of the air and ground forces

Leading the concept is the head of the air branch to helicopters, Brigadier General David Barki.
“The most fundamental thing that we need to do is the writing of a joint doctrine that will deal with the issue of cooperation and answer the question of ‘how do we operate all the forces together’”, says Barki. “Additionally, it is important that we do joint training. That will enable us to speak in the same language and to recognize all of the complexities and challenges of cooperation in the battlefield. Today, we are already sending air crews to the training of land forces so that they will know well the complexity of land warfare. The next move we want to promote is the establishment of an ‘integration school’ in which we will learn how air and ground forces need to cooperate. We will bring experts and knowledgeable persons and take care of passing on the apprehension of joint operation to all the people of the land and air forces”.
On a different note, Brigadier General Barki revealed that the Air Force is weighing the idea of acquiring a V-22 “Osprey” in the future.
“In the present long term plan which ends in 2012, there is no intention of procuring new helicopters. But one of the possibilities that we are examining for the long term is the V-22, which can grant the Air Force the operational ability that it doesn’t have today.
Additionally, we are monitoring the development of unmanned helicopters. This is a new and exciting world. There are already good developments and in the future, undoubtedly, we will examine them as well.”