Yes we can Yes we can Yes we can Last month, an Israeli Air Force officer course came to its end. Among the many graduates who received their new ranks from the Commander of the IAF, stood some cadets for whom the officer track, or even getting drafted to the IDF, were not a given

Lya Shanel

Over 100 new officers joined the ranks of the IAF in a ceremony that took place last month, and amongst all the future commanders were also those who went through a treacherous journey on the way to the desired silver ranks.
The ethnic minorities in the State of Israel received significant representation in the ceremony, as Druze and Circassian cadets stood on the formation square.
“It’s important to me that the Force get to know us and realize that we’re quality people”, said Second Lieutenant Adam, a cadet of Circassian descent who is now serving as a storage officer in Hatzor Airbase. “It’s good that this door was opened to me, because there are still many closed doors that I hope will open in the future as well”.
Second Lieutenant Adam, who received technical extension training in the Officer School of Uvda Airbase, completed his course as the excelling cadet. He now joins the exclusive club of eight Circassian officers who are currently serving in the IAF, one of whom is his older brother, Major Ilan. “From a young age I thought of becoming an officer and I want a military career”. He says. “My family is very proud of me, and I’m proud and happy to make it to the finish”.
Aside from Adam, the first soldier of Druze descent to complete an Air Traffic Control track also stood at the square. “I’m very excited, it’s a breakthrough for the ones who come after me”, says Second Lieutenant Vassem, who will serve as a tower officer in Hatzerim Airbase.
After demonstrating their presence in a variety of tracks in the IAF and even in the Pilot Training Course, Second Lieutenant Vassem marks another waypoint in the assimilation of the Druze in the Force. “I wanted to be an officer in order to be impactful in ways that I couldn’t as a soldier and to contribute more to the IAF and the country”.