The Prime Minister and Minister of public security arrived at the Western Wall Plaza to the first candle of Hanukkah with majestic warriors Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, arrived this evening (Sunday) to the Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem the first candle of Hanukkah with the border fighters of the 3rd Platoon. The company fighters stationed around the historic points of friction and make sensitivity and participated in dozens of targeted attacks recently.

The Prime Minister addressed the fighters and said “, a border warriors, doing Holy work to protect the security of the residents of the State of Israel. And the sacrificial heroism is a tremendous contribution to win ישראל״.

In his speech, noted Interior Security Minister ח״כ ardan: lighting the first Hanukkah with warriors and warriors of the border symbolizes the heroic warriors protecting their citizens of Israel day and night. Israel has people who to trust.

Lighting the candle took place in the presence of Prime Minister of Israel, Minister of internal security, the Jerusalem District Commander major General Moshe (צ׳יקו) Edri, the Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel רבינוביץ׳ and lot of migdal haemek, Rabbi Grossman.

Translated from Hebrew