The framework for excellence of young officers sent 19 officers to study police work in Germany. This year police will visit gomlinktsini juggler weekend hosted Exchange professional delegations in good Police Academy in Germany.

During the visit exposed the program to new measures in the areas of policing and the community, meeting with German police commanders and exposed to the areas of operation and management in a multicultural society, law enforcement, police launch of riots, German police organizations and more. The visit was made as part of the professional relationship between the Israel Police Germany.

The delegation was appointed 19 officers, mostly from the border targeted minority administrative sector and six staff members. Only program develops and the empowerment of young officers who completed basic officers school in recent years. The officers detected based on predictors of personal potential tests developed by the Department of behavioral sciences. The current Minister is the Central District Commander major general Moti Cohen. The program works this year.

Reciprocal visits of a delegation from the German Police Academy planned in 2016 National Police College in Beit Shemesh.

Translated from Hebrew