Ashkelon resident was sent to imprisonment after killing dogs turned and hit a bitch nospathbthilt 2015 Ashkelon police arrested the resident of the city, following a report that the plaster firmly banished dogs three weeks and caused her death. After we buried her and returned to his home, at his family with another bitch, if stimulated, and hit it hard.

The investigation revealed that the suspect returned to his home in the evenings when he was drunk. Following a disagreement between him and his sister ntagle, the defendant turned dogs belonging to his sister and slapped hard against the wall and caused it to death. Then left the flat and the calf. Later, the defendant and saw his sister sitting nearby holding the lvata. The suspect approached and assaulted the bitch that beat her fist punches to the head.

Following the incident, arrested the suspect at the police station for questioning and detention was extended periodically. Upon completion of the investigation the case was transferred by the Israel Police Division, who accompanied the case in court, which sentenced the defendant to punishment in penal precedent against these offences: 15 months in prison, one year of probation for three years, and a fine.

Translated from Hebrew