The boys, aged 15 and 17 from the Orthodox religious, completed the program successfully. The District Commander “chose to become citizens Israel חוק”משטרת savers held today in ml graduations (Israel Police for youth) for the religious-Haredi community in Jerusalem. The ceremony took place in the presence of police, Jerusalem District Commander, head of the Operations Directorate, the Mayor of Jerusalem, Jerusalem District Police Commander, command and heart station space moriya, together with representatives of educational institutions where they study, boys, youth and social welfare.

With the decision on the existence of the program in the Jerusalem District, the decision by Moriah space command and the heart of the capital to concentrate efforts on identifying youth from the Orthodox religious drama, educational frameworks and spend most of their time roaming the streets.

Police community policing Office (s) at the heart of the capital ordered 32 boys aged 15-17 who operated in two groups. The activity in the last six months was conducted under the supervision of the control station and the municipal authorities and the school principals.

One of the boys who participated in the program said the ceremony: “I grew up in the neighborhood feared any encounters with the police. In recent months to find other police, who wants to help, to rebuild and to give a chance to the youth. These days I finished final exams and tests in recruitment procedures. Yet many thanks to really infallible during the program. Today I’m proud to say I have a friend who’s a COP and I’m glad for the opportunity to participate in the program.

Recruit parents space Sun group of ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students 18 boys, this is the third group of the program exists. The drivers meeting and educational staff who have experienced success with the boys who participated in previous RES which led to large numbers of IDF, contact kids really that stepped in and formed a group of teenagers in collaboration with municipal officials.

Find the boys and the integration is complex and difficult phase where work right in front of the boys they think the police perceived negative כ”גורם to be deterred. The cops there are sessions during which they convince the youths to take part in the activity, with the approval of their parents.

During the activity meet the boys on the right side of law enforcement using experiential activities such as: hiking, sports, leadership workshops, visits to government institutions etc. This activity led to the formation of the youth.

Jerusalem District Commander, major General Moshe (Chico) Edri: “we must do everything to locate the boys just before the offense and move the normal life. Youth delinquency prevention is crucial and requires investment and hard work in finding the boys, with their parents and to the point where treatment the boy expressed confidence in the police and see them as teachers. The boys here chose to be law-abiding citizens.

Translated from Hebrew