The suspect, a resident of Ashdod has been arrested on suspicion of extortion threats and aggravated assault, following a debt spiamabk crime organizations: a few days ago arrested
The main agents of Ashdod residents-Lachish (26) on suspicion of extortion threats and aggravated assault
Aggravated assault, following financial debt to a loan shark, a friend of the suspect. After his arrest the suspect.
The only investigation and his arrest was extended during the week in court.

The investigation indicates that the suspect, a member of a criminal organization.
In the South, informed by his Shylock because the victim’s back and machaotav
Its debt totaled hundreds of thousands of shekels. The suspect contacted the owner of the debt, threatened his life and set him
Timed ultimatum to pay the debt. He later took him into the Woods, where it binds to the victim.
And beaten.

Then the victim was taken to another Shylock.
In Ashdod, to take a loan and his first there’il. The main detectives who arrived at the scene
Arrested those involved. Searching vehicles detected attack and utility knife, and machaotav.
Those involved were transferred to the police investigation and evidence formulated against the main suspect were filed against them.

Translated from Hebrew