The Cabinet, at its weekly meeting unanimously approved the appointment of attorney Mariam Kabha as National Commissioner for Equal Employment Opportunities at the Ministry of Economy and Industry (Hebrew link).
Mariam Kabha has an LL.B from the law faculty at Haifa University and has served as Haifa and Northern District Commissioner for Equal Employment Opportunities as well as – inter alia – the Economy Ministry representative director on the board of Ashra – The Israel Foreign Trade Risks insurance Corporation Ltd., a member of the steering committee for the Collective Impact initiative on the employment of Israeli Arabs, and a member of the Haifa municipality forum on advancing the employment of women.
Prime Minister Netanyahu:
"This is an appointment with high symbolic and practical importance. We have two major missions in the field of employment – to increase employment among Arab women and ultra-orthodox men. This appointment will serve to achieve a national goal. Mariam Kabha is capable and deserving, and I wish her success."