According to the suspect, the Institute moved cars with serious faults the licensing exam as opposed to hokmullch months Israel Police undercover investigation conducted using undercover against the number involved in transferring cars with serious mechanical flaws the DMV test DMV Institute in Jerusalem.

The investigation indicates that the suspect run in collaboration with other centres at the DMV. It also found that the main suspect had contacted dozens of clients please pass the DMV test cars, despite their knowledge that their cars there are serious safety deficiencies not pass DMV test.

During the session the police agent against the suspect gathered evidence linking him to direct involvement to his crimes. According to the suspect, the suspect plant in collaboration with several test at the DMV, in order to take part in the plot and help him to give permission for the failure.

Another rising from the investigation that the prime suspect was going about with a garage in the industrial zone that is also a licensed, which according to her fictitious correction certificates, for the failure.

In action today (Monday) arrested dozens of suspects who were involved directly in poor conduct. All the suspects have been transferred for questioning at the main unit of the Prefecture on Sat.

It is a felony that made greed kills it at the expense of public safety, and the safety and security of users of the road. The place closes at Israel police authority for a period of 30 days. Additional arrests are expected, according to developments in the investigation.

Translated from Hebrew