The stolen vehicle Locator skimmer, an application to identify falling asleep driving and more developed developing marathon held during autch 24 90 students from institutions, police, volunteers, students, developers, designers
And entrepreneurs of all ages came to the police hakaton in collaboration with development center of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.
The participants worked in Marathon development lasting 24 hours without sleep, during which formulated ideas for projects
Police areas technology. During the hakaton operated about 20 teams, and formulated ideas
Crime-fighting issues, quality of life, reducing accidents and
A citizen.

First awarded TFOSOTO system developers to locate stolen vehicles.
Collaborative way, second place won RisCue system developers to prevent the use of minors in alcohol and drugs through
Using data from social networks and third road transportation documentation application via
Smart phone camera.

The projects presented were car theft detection issues without the need for installing equipment
On the vehicle; Public transport in enforcement; An interactive system for filing complaints in conjunction
Videos; Photos and sound clips; App that sends SMS to block another car; Application for improving communication between the citizen and the police; Application broadcasts and video focus
100 and information from different users, and application to deliver real-time communications to citizens by

More featured application to accident prevention by identifying sleeping and distraction;
Traffic reporting system in real time via video; Missing persons via networks
The social system prevents drivers forget babies inside the vehicle; Application for information systems.
The police; Preventing underage use of alcohol and drugs by image processing of social networks;
The stolen vehicle Locator skimmer; Online complaint filing system; Application for payment reports
In time; Tires integrity check application by taking a picture; The system encourages compliance
The traffic lights, and a system for sending anonymous complaint video.

The final stage was the Deputy Commander of district judges, Yoram תנ”צ
Ohayon, head of the unit of hope technologies, ozzomnsky, Yoram נצ”מ
The Tel Aviv District, Deputy Chief Stephen pepper and Zach Tsachi offices
Yigal Arnon law.  While the first stage was the judges control the operational wing of wing
Ilan Mor, נצ”מ, head of planning section planning and budget organization, Chief Jacob azikeri and Tal investor
As lenient.

Deputy Tel Aviv District Commander, said:
I take what was here and try to open it. There are great ideas that can
To help us, and they have the potential to succeed. Thanks to Deputy Dan
Fisher and REF on that Wade is planning and organization Division of the hakaton.

Translated from Hebrew