Employment Center to be Established for Integrating People with Disabilities into the Workforce

Inter-ministerial tender committee selects winner to establish an employment center to integrate people with disabilities into the labor market

The inter-ministerial tender committee that incorporates the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Health, has declared the winner for the tender to set up an employment center to help integrate people with disabilities into the labor market. The opening of the center will be a significant step along the path to implement government targets to include people with disabilities in the labor market. The winning bid is that of three partner companies: Eshnav, Maof Human Resources, and Shel – Rehabilitation Projects. The tender was finalized and published following a government resolution and the recommendations of the Laron Committee and the Committee for Economic and Social Change (The Trajtenberg Committee).

The tender is the first stage in deploying programs to integrate people with disabilities into the labor market throughout the country. The winner will employ a professional team experience in the area. The center is expected to serve around 3,000 participants over the next two years and will hopefully bring about the greatest possible utilization of their employment potential. The center will provide intensive guidance and support to participants, as well as designated and professional tools in accordance with their individual needs. It will offer training and opportunities to acquire skills relevant to the labor market, help finding work, do placements, and provide participants follow-up and support after they begin work at the new job.

The responsibility for implementing the program lies with the Administration for the Integration of People with Disabilities in the Workforce at the Ministry of Economy, in cooperation with relevant government bodies, including the Rehabilitation Department at the National Insurance Institute, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, while maintaining a continuum of services integrated with the employer support centers that the Administration operates throughout the country.

Chairman of the Tender Committee and Vice Accountant-General in the Ministry of Finance Nehemiah Kind: “This is an important step in implementing the government’s policy to encourage employment, and especially in increasing employment rates among people with disabilities.”

Head of the Administration at the Ministry of Economy Dafna Maor: “I am excited by the challenge that awaits us, that will allow us to provide a service for people who have long been awaiting it, and bring about the greatest possible utilization of the existing tools for the benefit of true and full inclusion of people with disabilities in the open job market.”