Emek Refaim, the main street of Jerusalem’s German Colony, is a great place to enjoy a meal, a stroll and a bit of nightlife.

Enjoy Jerusalem's German Colony


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"It’s a fun place, it’s chilled, it’s modern, it’s hip," says a man strolling down Emek Refaim, the heart of Jerusalem’s German Colony. "You have restaurants, you have a couple of bars, you have good places to sit, nice cafés, different things to do."

Emek Refaim (which can mean "Valley of Ghosts" or "Valley of Giants") was built by 19th century Christian German Templers, and many of those original stone structures still dominate the quaint street.

The German Colony is alive at all hours with residents and tourists visiting its cafés, restaurants, bakeries and boutiques. This is also where you’ll find the International Cultural and Community Center and one of the city’s largest public swimming pools. Just off Emek Refaim is Jerusalem’s Natural History Museum.