During a meeting with European Parliament President Martin Schulz in Berlin Thursday evening, Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein said, ”Countries and people in Europe cannot say they oppose anti-Semitism and in the same breath be anti-Israel. Israel will survive the labelling of products (manufactured in the West Bank, the Golan Heights and Jerusalem). Those who will not survive are the thousands of Palestinian families who work shoulder to shoulder with their Jewish friends and have a shared life there. It will hurt their economy, their lives and their families, and it will destroy the seeds of peace that exist in those employment zones.”

”Wines from the Golan are being boycotted in Europe. I am willing to cede the Golan. Just tell me, to whom? To Syria? To ISIS?” Edelstein stated.

Edelstein also addressed a clip that was broadcast on Channel 2’s Uvda program last week, which showed an activist working for the NGO Ta’ayush bragging on a hidden camera that he turns in Palestinians who sell land to Jews to the Palestinian Authority to be tortured and killed. ”The European Union should be careful not to fund organizations that send people to be executed,” he said.

Schulz said ”the relations between Israel and Germany are good, in contrast to the relations between Israel and Sweden. The growing anti-Semitism should concern all of Europe. I oppose labelling products from the territories. It will mainly hurt the Palestinians, who make an honest living there.”

The EP President said the migrants who are flowing into Europe, mainly into Germany, ”must first be educated to oppose anti-Semitism. I told the Hungarian prime minister that his statement that the migrants are not his country`s problem is unacceptable. Members of the European Union must realize that if we fail in absorbing the migrants, we will fail when it comes to other global threats as well.”

Addressing his controversial speech at the Knesset, Schulz said ”I met with young Israelis and Palestinians, and one of them gave me data regarding discrimination against the Palestinians regarding water. I merely asked in my speech if this was correct. I was not stating a fact.”