In preparation for the anticipated storm were emergency centers, was alert rescue units and extended the deployment of forces in Israel and the arimmshtert is for stormy weather
Expected to visit Israel in the coming days. The alignment was done according to the meteorological data,
In order to safeguard public safety and the normal routine of life in the best way.

The police emergency hotline (100) and information center
Ithogbero national police (110) in order to respond to the public alongside the thickening police
In the area of alert while dealing with volunteers.

Unique preparations include excessive forces deployment
On the roads and in the cities, according to the assessments are conducted in cooperation with the relevant bodies,
Including local authorities, fire forces, d, IEC and more.

We are asking the drivers to drive with caution
Stormy weather, traveling next to water reserves falling danger, drifting
And drowning. In addition, you must adjust to conditions, turn on lights, and avoid sudden stops
Stopping in hangouts and regulated on the side of the road.

The wing movement gets focus constantly communicating messages
Of blockages of highways and roads to travel. Please were attentive and follow the instructions
The policemen.

Translated from Hebrew