The Minister, MK Gilad erdan, an overview of the challenges facing Nahariya station officers and achoabocr (Thursday) visited the Interior Security Minister, MK ardan, the coastal province. The Minister hosted Nahariya station it received Task Properties Overview. Among the topics discussed: fighting crime, traffic issues, interoperability with city officials also reviewed army prepared the station for security events because of the proximity to the northern border.

Later in the day he visited the Minister at acre. The visit began in the community policing Office in Akko. The Central officers reviewed the characteristics of the old city of acre and its capabilities. The review emphasizes the need for providing quality police services to the city of acre, and in particular to Akko on the tourists who visit this place. Acre station command presented the challenges facing police station such as providing an appropriate response to the issues that concern the residents. To do this, set an annual plan based in part on questionnaires and surveys that were distributed to residents and municipal officials and community, flooded the main problems requiring treatment.

Translated from Hebrew