Four were arrested on suspicion of just tens of thousands of euros as part of a fraud against foreign victims detained yesterday (Thursday) on suspicion of collusion with Israel to perform communications fraud against hundreds of victims abroad and thus thwarted the resume fraud and prevented harm to other victims.

According to the suspect, three residents from overseas clients staying in the country under a tourist visa joined together with Israeli resident of Herzliya for communication by fraud victims abroad using accountable for telecommunication services not intended to consume.

To the offences the suspects rented an Office in Tel Aviv and take telephony and computing equipment, with random messages sent to hundreds of foreign nationals in an attempt to get them to call back the phone line in the control. An investigation revealed that the suspects communicated with Telecom companies in the destination of the victims of that expression, so that an incoming telephone lines, the suspects will be charged for airtime worth an international connection. The proportion of charge transferred to the bank accounts are in the authority.

The fraud committed by far the amount estimated to flow out in tens of thousands of euros. Thanks to the police foiled the fraud and was interrupted another beginning. The investigation by the police in cooperation with foreign law enforcement officials and an attorney.

Yesterday, after an undercover investigation, police arrested the suspects, some of which were caught hiring Office חם״ ״על. In addition, the Office and search powers, among other things, computers and documents. Four suspects were detained after interrogation and imported to request to extend their detention. The suspects are among other offences of fraudulently obtaining in aggravating circumstances and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Translated from Hebrew