The Knesset plenum passed on Tuesday a law which states that dentists who recently immigrated to Israel will be exempt from certification exams if they practiced dentistry in their home countries for at least five years. Currently, dentists who immigrate to Israel are required to take a series of exams, regardless of their experience or seniority.

The explanatory notes to the proposal state that it was introduced ”ahead of the expected wave of immigration by dentists” in order to ”help these new immigrants integrate and work in their profession in Israel as well.”

Ninety-six MKs voted in favor of the legislation, with none opposed.

Some 16,000 doctors relocated to Israel in the last three years, and like most immigrants, they face language barriers, which make it very difficult for them to pass certification tests that are available only in Hebrew. As a result, 68 percent of immigrant doctors do not pass the test the first time.