Playing on instruments as old as the Bible, Mark Eliyahu and his fellow musicians cross cultural and political boundaries to create music with a universal appeal.

Mark Eliyahu's music springs from an ancient heritage


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Mark Eliyahu was born in 1982 in Dagastan in the Caucasus mountains and imigrated to Israel with his parents in 1989. Piris Eliyaho, Mark’s father, is a tar player, distinguished musicologist and composer in the field of eastern music. After studying the violin as a child, Mark studied Turkish music and mastered the baglama, a traditional Turkish string instrument. He then went on to study Persian-Azerean music and the kamanche, an Iranian bowed string instrument.

In 2004 Mark recorded his first solo album "Voices of Judea" and performed with his ensemble throughout Europe and Israel. From 2006-2010 he performed with his second Ensemble and show – "The Moon’s Dance". He also started a long standing co-operation with Idan Raichel with whom he performed through the world.

Mark continues to perform with his ensemble and with his father in Israel and throughout the world, and took part in the performance and recent album of the Israeli singer Rita, for which he arranged Persian traditional songs. Recently Mark received the Israeli Oscar (Ofir) music award as well as the music award at the Jerusalem Festival.