Meeting of the Ministerial Committee on the Integration of Israeli Citizens of Ethiopian Origin Chaired by PM Netanyahu
The ministerial committee on the integration of Israeli citizens of Ethiopian origin, chaired by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, convened, at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem and approved Defense Ministry, Economy and Industry Ministry and Civil Service Commission plans on integrating Israelis of Ethiopian origin into Israeli society. Prime Minister Netanyahu is continuing to personally lead the plan to integrate Israelis of Ethiopian origin.
The committee approved the Defense Ministry plan to close all IDF training courses for Israelis of Ethiopian origin thus bringing about their full integration into the IDF. Prime Minister Netanyahu said, "The cancellation of separate courses is valuable given that the IDF is a factor for integration of the highest order. Everyone is equal in the IDF and there is no favoritism."
The committee also discussed the integration of Israelis of Ethiopian origin in the civil service. While the current percentage of Israelis of Ethiopian origin [in the civil service] is close to their proportion of the general population, it is intended to dramatically increase the number of academics and students in the civil service. Prime Minister Netanyahu has emphasized the closing of disparities and has directed ministers to absorb Israelis of Ethiopian origin in their ministries.
The committee also decided to establish an inter-ministerial team chaired by the Director General of the Justice Ministry to deal with the phenomenon of racism against Israelis of Ethiopian origin. The team will deal with collecting information on incidents of racism and formulate action plans including evaluation of the need for changes in legislation and other means in order to effect a change in awareness and increase the presence of Israelis of Ethiopian origin in the media, culture and academia.
An Economy and Industry Ministry plan is designed to bring additional people into the labor market in more significant jobs and positions. This will be by means of advancing and upgrading workers through training and career guidance, encouraging initiatives to open small businesses and information activities to prevent discrimination and promote equal employment opportunities.