As part of Tuesday`s Open House events in honor of the Knesset`s 67th birthday, MKs Ahmad Tibi (Joint List) and Benny Begin (Likud) held an open discussion on the Knesset and democracy.

MK Tibi said ”I represent a public which I seek to advance, and this is why I never work in a void or in a neutral manner. If I`ll forget the purpose of my activity, I will not be doing my job. However, some laws which I am working to promote serve the entire public – Arabs and Jews alike.”

MK Begin noted that a speech Tibi delivered in the Plenum on the Holocaust a few years ago was one of the most touching he had ever heard. ”Our goal is to narrow, as much as possible, the social gaps between Jews and Arabs, without conditioning the granting of rights on the fulfillment of duties,” he said.

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