Nazareth, renowned around the world as the cradle of Christianity and the childhood home of Jesus,  has recently been discovered as a foodie paradise, featured in episode 12 of the TV series on Street Food around the World.

Nazareth stars in "Street Food around the World"


Copyright: Courtesy Israel Ministry of Tourism

(Israel Ministry of Tourism)

The cuisine in Nazareth is influenced by neighboring Arab countries, like Syria and Lebanon, and is very much based on the belief that nature provides man with all that he needs. For this reason, highlights of menus in Nazareth feature good meat, fish from the Mediterranean, as well as locally grown vegetables and herbs.

The host of "Street Food around the World" is Ishai Golan, star of “Prisoners of War” (the show which served as inspiration for the hit American series “Homeland”), who invites the audience on a cultural journey through culinary gems found in alleyways, boulevards and streets – a paradise for food lovers, with the smells of the local kitchens and their wonderful flavors. In each episode, Ishai travels to a different city and in the time span of 24 hours, he meets with the locals and must eat whatever they eat – even if it’s the spiciest dish in the country. The series, which is co-produced with leading French travel channel Voyage and Kayenta Productions, won the Best International Program award at the 5th Annual Tasty Awards.

Episodes have been filmed in Istanbul, Mumbai, Paris, Bangkok, Hanoi, Marrakech, Haifa, Amsterdam, Napoli, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, New York City, and now Nazareth. This vibrant city in the north of Israel, the largest Arab city in the country, has the feel of a small village, and offers the visitor  much more than the Christian history for which it is famed. Today, the city draws millions of tourists and while the myriad of churches are must visits, there are also the cobbled streets of the Old City to be explored with its historic homes, authentic souq and excellent restaurants specializing in local dishes.