​Participants in the four-day event will be able to enjoy kitchen sneak-peeks, culinary workshops and chef-guided tours of Tel Aviv’s vibrant culinary scene and open-air markets.

Open Restaurants returns to Tel Aviv


​Now in its second year the unique event, Open Restaurants® gives ‘foodies’ as well as the general public a chance to experience their favorite Tel Aviv restaurants, from within.

The four-day event is expected to draw thousands of participants, who are able to enjoy kitchen sneak-peeks, culinary workshops and chef-guided tours of Tel Aviv’s culinary scene and open-air markets.
Over 70 restaurants will open their doors to visitors for a delectable experience. The public will enjoy behind the scenes tours of their favorite restaurants, discovering the areas usually hidden from the public eye and will get a taste of the daily life of Tel Aviv’s most intriguing chefs as they meet, cook with and taste their finest dishes.
The Open Restaurants® initiative is the brainchild of Merav Oren, a multidisciplinary entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Agora, which promotes the creative use of public spaces for the benefit of local communities and is managed by Carmit Yochpaz, a lifestyle entrepreneur. The event will be held in cooperation with the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Time Out Magazine and Israel’s top chefs and restaurants and various culinary & beverage companies.
A taste of some of the events activities:
Chef Yuval Ben Neriah from Taizu – Culinary Tour of South East Asia
A fascinating tour of Taizu’s menu based on the South East Asian kitchen. Chef Yuval Ben Neriah offers a unique opportunity to join him in Taizu’s kitchen, chosen by Time Out Magazine as Tel Aviv’s best restaurant for 2014.
Participants will tour the kitchen and learn about the Chef’s techniques based on South East Asian kitchens such as India, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Ben Neriah will expose the participants to the restaurant’s unique concept: a combination of traditional cooking techniques from Asia’s busiest streets with overhead cooking and modern technologies, which creates an intriguing kitchen. At the end of the workshop the participants will enjoy a tasting menu.
Chef Roei Sofer – Bindella Pasta Workshop – from A to Z
Chef Roei Sofer has an impressive track record in Italian cooking (and a personal affection to the country). Participants in Sofer’s workshops will learn how to make a classic Italian dough, and use it to prepare one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes: Agnolotto Spinach. Bindella was chosen by Time Out Magazine as Tel Aviv’s best new restaurant in 2014.
Chef Ran Shmueli – Claro Cooking
Chef Ran Shmueli, widely recognized for his presentation skills, is an expert in catering both large and small events. He will provide a cooking workshop advising on how to maintain “the perfect bite” for guests of any event while using local, fresh and seasonal raw produce. The workshop will take place at “Claro Lameta", a unique location that is over 150 years old. During the workshop, participants will receive personal advice and get a chance to taste the food.
Chef Samuel Kabudi – Liliyot Kosher Gourmet with a Social Agenda
A practical workshop for creating gourmet kosher meals. During the workshop, participants will learn about the social project managed in the restaurant by a representative from the Dualis Foundation. The workshop will begin at the Liliyot bakery with a cup of coffee and then continue on to the restaurant. Participants will be divided into groups, and with the help of Chef Samuel Kabudi they will prepare dishes from Liliyot’s menu as well as delicious desserts to finish.