The leader of the opposition, MK Isaac Herzog (Zionist Camp), met on Tuesday with a group of civil service volunteers and guides from the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. He said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) strengthened the sense of fear among the public: ”there is despair without the sense that there is a chance to overcome the conflict. Netanyahu understood that he had to go to the lowest possible place, which is racism. The tension is so deep; this is why his words affected some groups in Israeli society.”

Herzog added that ”the more we integrate the Arab population in our society – the more we can live together out of mutual interests. Arabs are treating Jews in hospitals and nursing homes. Netanyahu caused their humiliation and exclusion, which aroused deep frustration that could lead us to places we do not want to get to.”

A guide at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center asked Herzog if he believes that the Likud party was following in the footsteps of the deceased prime minister. ”Begin recognized the ability of every person to say what is on his heart. He was revolted by the tyranny of the majority in the Knesset, and accepted the Supreme Court`s authority without question. Today there is a high ranking minister in the Likud party who says distorted things about Supreme Court justices. Begin had respect for the basic governmental structure. President Reuven Rivlin is Begin`s and Ze`ev Jabotinsky`s most apparent disciple.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, Herzog told the guides that they have the ability to educate children and teenagers and, in doing so, create change. ”They say that MKs are not role models for the younger generation. It is true that there are some bad apples that are ruining the party, but we mustn`t generalize. The media tramples on us and allows us to become icons at the expense of human weaknesses. The public`s role is to demand integrity and leadership from its elected officials.”