Students can learn Krav Maga, the Israeli method for self-defense, all over the world. But some prefer to train in the country where it was born.

Playing defense, Israeli style


​"The FBI, the Mossad, the CIA agents, law enforcement, SWAT – all over the world, all of them are using Krav Maga," says Avi Moyal, an international instructor of the Israeli self-defense system.

"Part of the understanding of Krav Maga is to see the environment of Israel, the Holy Land, where it was created. I think you cannot understand a system if you don’t come to the source."
Robert Bennet, a Krav Maga student from Scotland, agrees. "The place of the Krav Maga is the street. So in order to get the authentic feeling of Krav Maga and where it comes from, I came to Israel to train with IKMF (International Krav Maga Federation) and Avi Moyal."

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